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Character Narrative 6: Vinzent

Music rocked through the crowded club, washing over the tightly packed bodies surging like thumping waves. Vinzent flowed through the crowd, his figure twisting between the dancers as he made his way across the dance floor. He was on fire tonight, working his particular brand on digital magic on everyone within range, controlling what they […]

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Technology: Nanotech

Nanites are produced and controlled by nano-hives, small items the size of modern cellphones.  The nano-hive is a macro-scale builder unit, it produces the desired nanite swarm and acts as a central brain, providing orders to the swarm via an encrypted link.  A nanite swarm is produced with enough internal power to function for a […]

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Under The Hood 3: Fast Tracked Character Generation

With the concept of cinematic play and players taking on multiple roles, one thing that came up early on was speed of character generation. We wanted players to be able to jump right into the action. For this reason, generation took a dramatically different path than we expected. When developing the player Network, character concepts […]

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Character Narrative 5: Akiko Hotaru

The alarm on her internal clock went off; a nerve-jangle that only ceased when she opened her eyes and sat up.  The retinal display kicked in immediately as her Angel displayed a list of reminders and appointments for the day before politely asking if she wanted media streams based on her sleep-cycle or news.  She […]

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Fractured Kingdom Kickstarter

Fractured Kingdom was the first game developed using the Open Action System, the core rule set for Glass Shadows. The Kickstarter has launched and we looking this take on a world of mysticism and conspiracy to the game table. Players take on the roles of Lucid, average people that have been forever changed by one […]

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Technology: Cybernetics and Kits

Other than the Angel implant, the most common cybernetic enhancements are prosthetic limbs and headware upgrades.  These implants are installed on an out-patient basis; the patient is sent home with a dedicated nano-hive that anesthetizes the target area and gradually replaces it with the desired implant overnight.  The patient goes to sleep and wakes up […]

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