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One Size Does Not Fit All – Multiple Characters in Glass Shadows

Something that we mentioned in our article on Handlers and Operators is the idea that players do not just have one Handler and one Operator, but multiple Operators.  This is true. While traditionally players have only one character, Glass Shadows breaks away from this to help emulate the genre, and to keep the campaign fluid […]

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World Building: Drones

While they may not be considered a lynch-pin of the cyberpunk genre, it’s hard to talk about modern warfare and not mention Drones. Already, we see civilian drones being tested for various uses such as package and taco delivery. ( Drones, in an Operator sense, are remote operated surveillance and weapon platforms. Drone pilots use […]

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#RPGNet Interview transcript

[19:32] <+Paul_Caughell> Hi everybody, My name is Paul Caughell.  Together with the currently-still-on-his-way-home T. Dave Silva, my Co-author, I have created the Glass Shadows RPG, which we’re here to answer questions about tonight. [19:33] <+Paul_Caughell> Glass Shadows provides updated take on classic cyberpunk and transhumanist ideas. Designed to inspire strange and fun stories, Glass Shadows […]

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#RPGNet Interview with Paul Caughell and T. Dave Silva

Click the link to see a Q&A session we attended with Dan Davenport on the #RPGNet IRC Channel!

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Fractured Kingdom Kickstarter

Fractured Kingdom was the first game developed using the Open Action System, the core rule set for Glass Shadows. The Kickstarter has launched and we looking this take on a world of mysticism and conspiracy to the game table. Players take on the roles of Lucid, average people that have been forever changed by one […]

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