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Technology: Nanotech

Nanites are produced and controlled by nano-hives, small items the size of modern cellphones.  The nano-hive is a macro-scale builder unit, it produces the desired nanite swarm and acts as a central brain, providing orders to the swarm via an encrypted link.  A nanite swarm is produced with enough internal power to function for a […]

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Technology: Cybernetics and Kits

Other than the Angel implant, the most common cybernetic enhancements are prosthetic limbs and headware upgrades.  These implants are installed on an out-patient basis; the patient is sent home with a dedicated nano-hive that anesthetizes the target area and gradually replaces it with the desired implant overnight.  The patient goes to sleep and wakes up […]

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Technology: Cloning and Genetic Engineering

“Tired of sagging, wrinkled skin, repetitive medical visits, and unpredictable bodily functions? It’s time to trade in that old sack of skin for a new one. Choose from any number of our stock Kevin™ or Kate™ models, or have a new body Flash Cloned from your own cells. It’s like being 25 again but knowing […]

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Technology: Angels, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality

All but the poorest of people have headware modifications that house a semi-autonomous program called an Angel. This headware is installed via a nanite injection shortly after birth and the Angel grows with its user, learning what interests them and helping them through their daily lives. The Angel implants also come with a standard wireless […]

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Technology: Vehicles and Frames

Civilian ground vehicles are sleek and streamlined futuristic wheeled machines, with very little wasted space.  Cargo compartments are much smaller than modern vehicles, the average consumer has little need for cargo, almost everything can be fabbed at home.  All civilian vehicles are electric, drawing supplemental power from a citywide grid embedded in the road surface. […]

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