Handler Spotlight 2: Lector Jones

Lector Jones

For our second Handler, we explore a character motivated not by political aspirations, or even greed, but actual capitalism. The idea that an open economy means everyone profits and those with savvy profit even more.

Lector Jones (Grace Moore)
Motivation: Restoration of a Free Economy 7
Faction: Unjacker 3
Occupation: Unknown/Arms Dealer(VP of development at “Gun Co”)
Interest: Supply Lines 3
Interest: Angel and Wing Technology 3
Vice: Paranoia, Grace stays off the grid as much as they can 5

Lector Jones is actually a complicated character. In the meat, he isn’t a he at all, but a woman by the name Grace Moore. Grace operates behind the scenes of a large arms manufacturer, using the Lector Jones persona, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality meetings to conduct business. Grace is an Unjacker, but she doesn’t follow the “pure” ideology of her faction. She’s not in it to free the masses from control, although, that would be nice. A system devoid of its controls is wild and unpredictable There is a lot of money to be made in unpredictable.

Grace knows that mass Unjacking will cause a huge uproar and wars will ripple around the world. That’s great news for anyone manufacturing or selling arms. While other companies, headed by Angel Traditionalists, are scrambling to survive, Lector/Grace will make huge profits and her company will gain market share. The way Grace sees it, it is a win/win; get people unplugged, let them start a war, reap the rewards.

While she supports the idea of revolution and arms distribution, it would be far too easy to see Grace Moore as part of the problem. To mitigate this and hide the fact that she’s a woman Grace has invented the Lector Jones persona.

So, when someone needs to supply rebel forces mustering in B-Ham or Loserville, the square-jawed icon of independence, Lector Jones, steps in. No one has ever met Jones on the meat. It is too dangerous; everyone knows he was involved in the Jaguar event down South and another dust up in Liberia. Too many big names to meet outside the Sea.

Of course, the reality is that Lector Mueller died by government hit squad, and Victor Jones bit it from a roadside bomb. But damn if those two didn’t look like twins. After a little Datasea magic, the perfect gun-runner was born. This lets Grace slip into the background, a simple facilitator for Jones’ genius.

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