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Character Narrative 4: Cyril and Daniel Eight

The Senator’s suite was in the penthouse of the Royal Corinthian, deep inside the secure zone of the Manhattan Arcology. Cyril had lost track of how many times he’d been stopped to verify his ID on the way from the landing pad, where he left his aeroframe, to the reinforced wooden door of the suite. […]

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Technology: Cloning and Genetic Engineering

“Tired of sagging, wrinkled skin, repetitive medical visits, and unpredictable bodily functions? It’s time to trade in that old sack of skin for a new one. Choose from any number of our stock Kevin™ or Kate™ models, or have a new body Flash Cloned from your own cells. It’s like being 25 again but knowing […]

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Under The Hood 2: The Network

Before we talk about the Player Network lets look at the idea of contacts for a moment. The idea of trusted allies and contacts is nothing new to role playing or fiction in general. In fiction, contacts don’t sit around just waiting to be called. They have their own lives and stories. These peripheral characters […]

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Character Narrative 3: Archemides

It couldn’t feel the nanites gradually transforming the last of the necrotic flesh that composed its host body into functional cybernetics.  The original owner of its body, Tijo Velazquez, died weeks ago, leaving Archimedes to struggle with its owner’s busy schedule.  Gradually, Archimedes expanded its own programming to cope with the increased needs of movement […]

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Setting: Headcases and Zeroes

The human body is not fully equipped to deal with having pieces of it excised and replaced with cybernetics.  There is always a period of adjustment while the mind comes to grips with the neural interface pathways required to use the new implant.  This often causes a feeling of dysphasia, where the user’s mind does […]

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Character Narrative 2: Vinzent Raskoph

His friends called him “The German,” but they were all unimaginative drones anyway. Locked away in the altered version of reality that the corp-controlled government fed them. Vinzent was liberated. Vinzent had long ago seen through the beautiful illusions to the dirty grey reality underneath. The first step was when he dove into an underground […]

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