Operator Spotlight 2: Red


In the world of Glass Shadows, where almost every device is computerized and interconnected by the Datasea, it’s always smart to be on the right side of a good hacker. If you need information about anyone, or even information about a deep black Megacorporate project, you turn to a hacker and hope they are friendly. Red is our friendly.

Born into a life of luxury, Red is the daughter of a highly-placed executive with Gene-N. In her late teens, her father gave her a “gift” and arranged for her to become a Chimera, genetically spliced with fox DNA. She still has not forgiven him.

Faction: Unjacker (Intuition)
Motivation: Get back at her father’s corporation 3
Interest: Making money 3
Interest: Programming 3
Vice: Playing Chicken with Killer Countermeasures 5
Culture: Corporate (Contact, Education)

Loathing what her father’s improvements on her body, Red buried herself in the Datasea. How could she not fall in love with a place where she could be anything? Of course, being anything was not enough.  In the Datasea, Red wanted all the limits removed.

Cheap scripts let any pup pretend to be a hacker. Yeah, that may be where she started but so did a lot of the vets. It was not long before Red found a talent for restructuring code and doing real dives though unidentified backdoors. It did not matter how hardened the host was, the nastier the site the less Red could resist the challenge. What she did not expect, and has learned to embrace, is that the forced fox splice has juiced her reflexes, letting her react just that split second faster.

“Thanks dad, who do you bank with again?”

Red is a corporate kid with daddy issues, her Faction and Culture represent this. Red fell in with the Unjackers after she fell out with her father, but she still maintains some contacts inside the company.

Archetype: Hacker
Package: Net-Worker
Load Out: Software

History 2
Strength 1
Dexterity 3
Constitution 4
Sense 8
Fortune 5
Wisdom 6
Intelligence 9
Mental 10
Expression 7

Skills: Background (Hacker, Programmer, ARCist, or Security Consultant) 7, Computer Operations 5, Data Mining 5, Datasea Diving 5, Concentration 3, Pick Four: (Analyze, Battery, Firearms, Intuition, Art: Digital, Science: Electronics, Maintenance: Electronics, Education, Study: Select, or Melee) 3

Red picks the following skills:
Background (Hacker) 7
Computer Operations 5
Data Mining 5
Datasea Diving 5
Concentration 3
Analyze 3
Firearms 3
Battery 3
Maintenance: Electronics 3

Red is concentrated on the skills needed to access, use, and control hosts on the Datasea. However, shitting on daddy, or more importantly Gene-N, means she had to be ready in the meat world as well.  Hardly stupid, Red will avoid them if possible. She knows that it is inevitable that she will piss someone off, though, so she is competent when it comes to a fight.

Free Communications
Thought Reader
Pick Five: (Angel Communicator, Better Gear (Can be taken multiple times), Cyber Augmentation, Cyberbrain, Genegineered Body, Hive Mind, Implant Thought, Link, Passive Reader, Playback, Pluck The Secret, Root Control Angel, Truth Finder, The Human Mind 2.0, Wealth)

The Net-Worker package is all about communications and control, and Red drives her selections right for the Root Control Angel boon. With that under her belt, she has the potential to work a target like a puppet if necessary, taking over their Angel and controlling their every action.

Software Loadout:
Base Loadout: Costs PV 10
Poor Attack Utility (PV 3)
Poor Barrier Utility (PV 3)
Poor Bypass Utility (PV 2)
Poor Proxy Route Utility (PV 2)
Chain Shirt (PV 0)
Dagger or Throwing Knives (PV 0)
Data Thread (PV 0)

The basic Software Loadout provides Red with the tools of her trade and some basic protection. She will definitely spend some extra PV to get a better weapon.

Red is an invaluable asset to her team. She can open doors that Percy’s lock picking skills cannot. She can also take control of camera systems, security, and even people if necessary. Not to mention turning Mongo the super-goon into their best friend, whether he likes it or not.


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