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Operator Spotlight 2: Red

In the world of Glass Shadows, where almost every device is computerized and interconnected by the Datasea, it’s always smart to be on the right side of a good hacker. If you need information about anyone, or even information about a deep black Megacorporate project, you turn to a hacker and hope they are friendly. […]

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Handler Spotlight 2: Lector Jones

For our second Handler, we explore a character motivated not by political aspirations, or even greed, but actual capitalism. The idea that an open economy means everyone profits and those with savvy profit even more. Lector Jones (Grace Moore) Motivation: Restoration of a Free Economy 7 Faction: Unjacker 3 Occupation: Unknown/Arms Dealer(VP of development at […]

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One Size Does Not Fit All – Multiple Characters in Glass Shadows

Something that we mentioned in our article on Handlers and Operators is the idea that players do not just have one Handler and one Operator, but multiple Operators.  This is true. While traditionally players have only one character, Glass Shadows breaks away from this to help emulate the genre, and to keep the campaign fluid […]

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Unveiling Covers Part 3: Bastian

Meet Bastian McKirk, a mercenary BattleFrame pilot, and his Godalming Arms GA-27 Doberman Anti-armor BattleFrame.  While Bastian is a fortress and a killing machine while he’s Synced with his BattleFrame.  Outside of it, he still knows how to use a gun.  

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Operator Spotlight 1: Percy St. Croix

In the massive sprawl of the Easel, no one stays in one place. If you are going to move around though, you probably want some protection or at least know what gangs control what territories. That is where Percy St. Croix comes in. Born into a labor camp, known as a “Co-Op”, Percy’s first choice […]

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Unveiling Covers Part 2: Gillian

Time for the next piece of the cover pie. Meet Gillian, a retired corporate solider and drifter. Gillian’s training has left her with a diverse skill set and a fondness for energy rifles. Next week we introduce Bastian.

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Handler Spotlight 1: Aloysius Lavie Suvue

Let me introduce our first Handler, Aloysius “The Wish” Lavie Suvue.  Because we are playing in a world of conspiracies, why not jump in to where so many theories are birthed; politics and religion? The modern world has a good number of examples of politics and religion overlapping, too often with terrifying consequences. However, Glass […]

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Unveiling Covers Part 1: The Title Card

The cover is in and it is awesome! Now we’re going to have a bit of fun. We start with the title card. Next week we reveal Gillian, one of our signature characters who made it to the cover.

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Under the Hood: Handlers and Operators

As we mentioned before, players in Glass Shadows take on multiple roles. Each player acts as a Handler, creating operations and affecting the course of their missions.  Players also take the role of an Operator, the people directly involved within a mission. Today, we’re going to discuss what what defines a Handler and and Operator. […]

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World Building: Drones

While they may not be considered a lynch-pin of the cyberpunk genre, it’s hard to talk about modern warfare and not mention Drones. Already, we see civilian drones being tested for various uses such as package and taco delivery. (http://tacocopter.com/) Drones, in an Operator sense, are remote operated surveillance and weapon platforms. Drone pilots use […]

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