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Operator Spotlight 2: Red

In the world of Glass Shadows, where almost every device is computerized and interconnected by the Datasea, it’s always smart to be on the right side of a good hacker. If you need information about anyone, or even information about a deep black Megacorporate project, you turn to a hacker and hope they are friendly. […]

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Handler Spotlight 2: Lector Jones

For our second Handler, we explore a character motivated not by political aspirations, or even greed, but actual capitalism. The idea that an open economy means everyone profits and those with savvy profit even more. Lector Jones (Grace Moore) Motivation: Restoration of a Free Economy 7 Faction: Unjacker 3 Occupation: Unknown/Arms Dealer(VP of development at […]

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Unveiling Covers Part 4: The Big Reveal

And finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting for!! This is the full cover image, drawn by Eric Lofgren, and the logo designed by Mark Quire. In the background, you can see the towering block of the Manhattan Arcology, or ManArc. The spires that top it are home to the rich elite.  Bastian and Gillian […]

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One Size Does Not Fit All – Multiple Characters in Glass Shadows

Something that we mentioned in our article on Handlers and Operators is the idea that players do not just have one Handler and one Operator, but multiple Operators.  This is true. While traditionally players have only one character, Glass Shadows breaks away from this to help emulate the genre, and to keep the campaign fluid […]

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