Technology: Cloning and Genetic Engineering

“Tired of sagging, wrinkled skin, repetitive medical visits, and unpredictable bodily functions? It’s time to trade in that old sack of skin for a new one. Choose from any number of our stock Kevin™ or Kate™ models, or have a new body Flash Cloned from your own cells. It’s like being 25 again but knowing what you know now! Plus, we strip out any of those meddling imperfections Mother Nature may have over looked the first time. Want perfect 20/20 vision? No problem! We can enhance any body part or organ! The future starts with you. Turn Off. Trade In. And Go Big!

Marcus Morcock’s Meat Farm
665 Ellis Ave, New York Archaeology, 10112Z
212-BIG-12IN! That’s 212-244-1246″

Cloning is a part of everyday life. People no longer wait on long transplant lists for replacement organs that may or may not take. Instead new healthy body parts are grown in labs from the patient’s own cells ensuring successful replacements. That’s just the beginning. Replacement bodies are created every day in medical banks (Originally called Reproduction Labs, and later named Non-Sexual Reproduction Labs.  Today, they are commonly referred to as Body Banks, Body Farms, or Meat Farms.) for those with the money to shed their skin and step into something better.

For those with the money to pay immortality is real. Top line soldiers don’t die, they get upgraded. There’s no need to stop with a basic human body, science can only push the human genome so far. However, transgenic therapies allow modern science to implant genetically modified materials form other species into the human body. Want to be as strong as an ape, now you can. However, real Genegineering actively reprograms the human body replacing unwanted genetic code with other species’ traits.

The breakaway nation of New Maya maintained the Jaguar Battalion. Terrorist soldiers trained in raid tactics and spliced with great cat genes. Even with supply lines cut these early Genegineered soldiers were able to hold a swath of jungle for nearly two decades. That was sixty-seven years ago when the science of Genegineering was still considered experimental.

Today, it’s not uncommon to find gorilla bouncers, some even affecting cosmetic reconstruction for the look, predator soldiers with a dozen or more animal traits spliced to create the ultimate combatants, even dogmen out on the street running underground fighting arenas


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