Operator Spotlight 1: Percy St. Croix

Percy St CroixIn the massive sprawl of the Easel, no one stays in one place. If you are going to move around though, you probably want some protection or at least know what gangs control what territories. That is where Percy St. Croix comes in. Born into a labor camp, known as a “Co-Op”, Percy’s first choice that he really made for himself was to steal a car and get the hell out of Baton Rouge.

Faction: None (Area Knowledge (The ECILAL))
Motivation: Doing the Right Thing 3
Interest: Gang Politics 3
Interest: Getting the Hell Out of Dodge 5
Vice: Alcohol 3
Culture: Scum (Lock Picking, Scrounging)

For those who have read the Handler Spotlight 1, the Agenda may look familiar. There are some differences though. Operators have additional Skills on top of their Agenda. These Skills are based on a series of choices the player makes. One of which is their Faction. The other is their Culture. Culture represents the kind of environment the character was raised in. These choices open up short skill lists related to the Faction or Culture.

Percy has been on the road for a while. He knows the players and how to get by when you’ve got nothing. This is reflected his Skill choices of Area Knowledge, Lock Picking and Scrounging.

Percy also has some other interesting Agenda choices. Percy is motivated to do the right thing, but he is more interested in getting the hell out of dodge. We can expect Percy to help others but only after making sure he’s nowhere near the actual danger.

In addition to the Agenda, Operators have 3 other big choices to shape their character. A character’s Archetype shapes the majority of the Character’s Skills and base Attributes. The Package provides a series of related Boons. A Load Out gives the Character their starting gear. Here are Percy’s choices:

Archetype: Transporter
Package: Signed, Sealed, Delivered
Load Out: Survivalist

History 1
Strength 4
Dexterity 10
Constitution 9
Sense 5
Fortune 8
Wisdom 6
Intelligence 7
Mental 3
Expression 2

Skills: Background: Pick one (Courier, or Wheelman) 7, Vehicle 5, Pick Two: (Brawling, Intuition, Maintenance: Vehicle, Movement, or Stealth) 5, Second Chance 3, Pick Four: (Area Knowledge, Dodge, Fasting, Perception, Tracking, Negotiation, or any unselected skill from the 5 point pick-list, Brawling) 3

Percy selects the following Skills:
Background: Wheelman 7
Vehicle 5
Maintenance: Vehicle 5
Stealth 5
Second Chance 3
Dodge 3
Perception 3
Negotiation 3
Brawling 3

Like his Faction and Culture choices, Percy knows how avoid danger, but if caught off guard or if he cannot get out of a situation he can defend himself.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered
Burst of Speed
Better Gear
Pick Five: (Always Fade Away, Advanced Gengineered Body, Augmented Reflexes, Augmented Senses, Better Gear (Can be taken multiple times), Cyberbrain, Cyber Augmentation, Dart, Direct Neural Interface, Driver, Genegineered Body, Quick Step)

The Signed, Sealed, Delivered Package is all about doing things quickly. The Package has several combat choices, cybernetics and Gengineering options. Percy stays true to his concept. Sure Augmented Reflexes and Senses are an advantage in a conflict, but it also means being able to react faster to road conditions. His DNI allows him to plug into specialized vehicles while Driver and Better Gear ensure Percy’s going to have a great ride.

Survivalist Loadout
Base Loadout: Costs PV 10
Large Backpack (PV 0)
Canteen (PV 0)
MRE, Single (PV 0)
Hatchet or throwing knives (PV 0)
Magnetic Compass (PV 0)
Basic Flashlight (PV 0)
20m Nylon Rope (PV 1)
Poor Camouflage clothing (PV 1)
Average Climbing Gear (PV 3)
Nanobot Stitchers, 1 Dose (PV 4)
Poor emergency care kit (PV 2)

The Survivalist Load Out gives Percy gear to camp out in the abandoned areas of the ECILAL along with some basic maintenance equipment. The rest of Percy’s starting Gear selection, along with his starting Advancement Points go to a Cargo Transport with a trailer which Percy’s player defines as Frame hauler with an extended cab.

Percy knows his way around. He can get you where you want to go, but he’s not a powerhouse. The rig lets him move a small team, and being set up for a Frame means they can have firepower in abundance. Also, Percy may ward off any hungry road gangs even if there isn’t a Frame in tow just by making them wonder who he works for.

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