Under The Hood 1: The Open Action System

The rules used to create a role playing game, sometimes referred to as the engine, set up the dynamics of play and provide a structure for interaction. In a lot of cyberpunk fiction, what could be considered as traditional action is fast and brutal, often over before it even began. The threat of violence is ever present, but violence, when it comes to that is often quick, bloody, and more often than not it’s the repercussions that have the greatest impact.


For these reasons we are using the Open Action System. The rule set allows for intense action but doesn’t penalize players for not focusing solely on their character’s combat capabilities. Characters inside the Open Action System are defined by a set of key words or Characteristics. The system allows for dynamic social gaming as well as the fast paced action of the cyberpunk genre. The OAS rewards rich character histories and diverse game play.


In addition to the core rules, Glass Shadows introduces a new system of Actors and Operators that allows players even greater control of their character’s fates. Dynamic networks of contacts allow players to quickly pull in the best people for a job, without having to worry that their character has every skill and all the best gear. It’s about having the right person for the right job.


There are a million stories under the Glass Shadow, why should players be limited to just one?

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