What’s this all about, then?

Welcome to the development blog for Glass Shadows, a Cyberpunk RPG that I am writing in cooperation with Dave Silva.

Glass Shadows is heavily inspired by cyberpunk-style animes, such as Ghost in the Shell and its sequels, Appleseed, and Bubblegum Crisis, as well as the western movies Bladerunner, and Johnny Mnemonic.  Literary inspirations include Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash, and Diamond Age, and Charles Stross’s Accellerando.  Additional inspiration is drawn from the Eclipse Phase RPG, from Posthuman Studios.

I’d like to follow an open development model, posting the concepts that we’re working on as we go along and accepting feedback on what you, the fan and future player, like and don’t like.  Of course, all feedback will be tempered against the overall vision, so we may not take every suggestion, but we will read and respond to them.

So, settle in for the long haul, friends!

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