Setting: The Datasea

The Datasea is an outgrowth of the Internet of the 20th and 21st century.  As computer technology progressed, wireless access and storage became ubiquitous and inexpensive.  With the advent of Angel technology, the majority of the population had a computer in their brains and Augmented Reality overlays on everything they saw.  These technologies combined to create an expansive virtual reality world without limits.

Even users without Angel implants can access the datasea, using portable computers called Shoulder Angels, along with AR glasses or contacts and skin-tight AR gloves.  For the truly destitute, terminal kiosks are available for use free-of-charge in most areas of the sprawl.  Although these kiosks were built to withstand punishment, in many cases they have been stripped for parts, leaving only spray-painted shells behind.

The most popular locations on the Datasea are the Bazaars, expansive virtual reality marketplaces. These virtual shopping hubs have become the Datasea equivalent of real world malls. Bazaars attract retailers around themes or economic scaling with high and low-end shopping locations and specialty shopping locations. At the right Bazaar anything can be found.

Looking for the Personal Maker codes for the latest fashions? Let your Angel whisk you away to Milan-UnCom, a twenty-six story rotating megaplex of art and fashion. Here you can find all the top designers, latest accessories, and talk to consultants on trending fashions to stay on top.

Maybe you’d like a deal on something a little more functional. Need codes for a SSI Caseless Rip Cord? Perhaps something to take your mind off the hard realities you are forced to live with. Then let your Angel take you to Black Jacket Ranch. In this forty-acre recreation of an Old West ranch, shoppers can find top weapon designers, virtual ranges and The Saloon, where everything is legal when it’s virtual.

There are hundreds of different Bazaars. The top ten are large structures serving virtually any need and constantly vying for larger market share. Niche locations like Milan-UnCom and Black Jacket serve the more specialized audiences. Bazaars typically have social spaces allowing for general interaction and many niche places have at least on black out area for unmonitored anonymous commerce.

Where else would anyone want to go?

For users who require true privacy, temporary hosts can be allocated in an instant and populated with Augmented Reality Constructs (ARCs) to provide a space with any theme the user desires.

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