What’s in a Name?

You may ask, “Where did you come up with the name Glass Shadows?”   Dave actually suggested it, with the rationale that “You can see through both glass and shadows, but they distort what’s inside.  You can never really be sure of what you’re looking at.”

In Glass Shadows, the Player Characters interact with a world that is dominated by secret conspiracies.  Often, the view they have of reality is distorted, the effects of their actions either completely misunderstood or totally concealed from them.  The power-players in these global conspiracies move behind the scenes, acting through proxies and moving people around like pieces in a grand game, of which only they understand the rules and no one can see the entire board.

Player Characters can work knowingly or unknowingly promoting a larger conspiracy, or be a ‘free agent’, but they always have their own agenda.  Whomever they are working for also has their own agenda, which will almost always be unknown to the PCs.  A mission as simple as infecting a traffic control node with a virus can have far reaching consequences which the PCs may eventually piece together, revealing a grand scheme that they unwittingly took part in.

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