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Under The Hood 4: Action and the Non-Combatant

When all hell breaks loose you want to be the guy with training, guns, and all the right answers. Lets face it through, those special operatives with years of training make up less than a 1% of the population. The world of Glass Shadows needs those special operators, but it also needs the investigators, data […]

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Character Narrative 7: A New Body for Akiko

Opening her new eyes, Akiko stared at the stock white ceiling of the Body Farm’s upload room.  The techs had left her to adjust in peace.  Before dumping her retirement Kit, she had signed off on the waivers. Standard protections in case they couldn’t get back into the room in case of emergency. Stark white […]

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Setting: The East Coast Sprawl

Since the late 20th Century, the East Coast of the United States has been becoming more and more urbanized, as cities push their boundaries ever outward.  Eventually, a tipping point was reached and the East Coast became one massive urban sprawl, an unbroken cityscape stretching from Illinois to  Massachusetts, and all the way down to […]

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Character Narrative 6: Vinzent

Music rocked through the crowded club, washing over the tightly packed bodies surging like thumping waves. Vinzent flowed through the crowd, his figure twisting between the dancers as he made his way across the dance floor. He was on fire tonight, working his particular brand on digital magic on everyone within range, controlling what they […]

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Under The Hood 3: Fast Tracked Character Generation

With the concept of cinematic play and players taking on multiple roles, one thing that came up early on was speed of character generation. We wanted players to be able to jump right into the action. For this reason, generation took a dramatically different path than we expected. When developing the player Network, character concepts […]

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Character Narrative 5: Akiko Hotaru

The alarm on her internal clock went off; a nerve-jangle that only ceased when she opened her eyes and sat up.  The retinal display kicked in immediately as her Angel displayed a list of reminders and appointments for the day before politely asking if she wanted media streams based on her sleep-cycle or news.  She […]

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Character Narrative 4: Cyril and Daniel Eight

The Senator’s suite was in the penthouse of the Royal Corinthian, deep inside the secure zone of the Manhattan Arcology. Cyril had lost track of how many times he’d been stopped to verify his ID on the way from the landing pad, where he left his aeroframe, to the reinforced wooden door of the suite. […]

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Under The Hood 2: The Network

Before we talk about the Player Network lets look at the idea of contacts for a moment. The idea of trusted allies and contacts is nothing new to role playing or fiction in general. In fiction, contacts don’t sit around just waiting to be called. They have their own lives and stories. These peripheral characters […]

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Character Narrative 3: Archemides

It couldn’t feel the nanites gradually transforming the last of the necrotic flesh that composed its host body into functional cybernetics.  The original owner of its body, Tijo Velazquez, died weeks ago, leaving Archimedes to struggle with its owner’s busy schedule.  Gradually, Archimedes expanded its own programming to cope with the increased needs of movement […]

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Character Narrative 2: Vinzent Raskoph

His friends called him “The German,” but they were all unimaginative drones anyway. Locked away in the altered version of reality that the corp-controlled government fed them. Vinzent was liberated. Vinzent had long ago seen through the beautiful illusions to the dirty grey reality underneath. The first step was when he dove into an underground […]

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